You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Did Today – She’s Gone Too Far…


Ever since she became first lady, Michelle has taken great pleasure in trying to control every aspects of the lives of the American people. She made another move towards accomplishing this goal on Tuesday when she joined Snapchat, an app that will give her the platform to indoctrinate millions of young minds with her liberal nonsense on a daily basis.


The Verge reported that this announcement was made by Michelle’s press secretary Johanna Rosholm, who claimed that the first lady joined Snapchat as a means to engage directly with young people on the app. It was important to Michelle that she join the app so that she can chronicle her vacation to Europe and Africa next week. This will allow taxpayers to see first hand that our hard-earned tax dollars are really being used to fund Michelle’s lavish lifestyle.

Snapchat is a popular app among American youths that allows users to send photos and videos to each other. This will make it very easy for Michelle to brainwash our children into believing whatever her ridiculous liberal agenda of the day is.

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