WOW – Watch Who Was Right Behind Hillary as She Walked Off Her Private Plane

Sorry, Hillary... It's not over yet.

Sunday saw another stunning turn in the ongoing saga of the FBI investigation into emails sent from Hillary Clinton’s private, unauthorized, private server. The FBI released a letter from Director James Comey, in which he stated that the bureau had reviewed all of the emails to and from Mrs. Clinton that were recovered from a computer seized in the recent and unrelated Anthony Weiner case.

The key passage in the Comey letter reads, “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.” Despite what Hillary supporters may claim, this is not an assertion that Clinton did nothing wrong. Nor is it an assertion that some working in her campaign did nothing wrong. It is simply a statement that the FBI chooses not to pursue a claim of criminal activity in respect to Mrs. Clinton’s actions in the private server case. Pressure from above and expediency, rather than culpability, has likely played a heavy role in this decision from the beginning.

Upon landing in Ohio, in an eleventh hour attempt to garner more votes in that state, Clinton was besieged by reporters begging for her response to this most recent development. Clinton did not respond, but simply smiled and waved. Disembarking right behind her was none other than Cheryl Mills, the aide showing up in Wikileaks email correspondence with campaign manager John Podesta, wherein she specified that the email situation had to be “cleaned up.”’

Meanwhile, Jennifer Palmieri, communications director for Hillary for America, put out the following message in a tweet: “Friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a Wikileaks in next two days – it’s probably a fake.
An avalanche of responses was the result.

Her tweet was met with a quick backlash, beginning with Wikileaks:

Wikileaks responded thus: @jmpalmieri Biggest ‘whoppers’ are those your campaign has been telling

Tweeter Dr. Roy Schestowitz countered: Have they blamed Russia again? Is it claims of “fakes” now? Just keep shuffling the lies to fool the cult, @jmpalmieri

Another respondent got at the underlying message of Palmieri’s tweet:
@jmpalmieri so something really big is coming, you say?

Clearly, if the Clinton campaign thought Sunday’s Comey announcement put to bed the improper, and probably criminal, actions of her team in regard to the private email scandal, they are learning the harsh lesson that the American people are not fooled so easily.