Worst Kept Secret in Washington – “Pence for President”


Republicans are growing weary of Trumps dramatics. In hushed tones all over Washington, “That’s okay, we’ve got Pence,” is said more frequently with each passing day.

Comparisons are being made between Mike Pence and Gerald Ford. Like Richard Nixon, Donald Trump has created drama and scandals since becoming President. Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University stated Pence is much like Ford in “temperament and personality. He doesn’t have that acerbic side that Nixon and Trump had.”

Pence hasn’t made enemies, doesn’t say anything offensive and is the one thing in this whole situation that is calming Republican nerves.

Scandals are piling up on Trump, raising the possibility of “President Pence.” With the special prosecutor just being named, Republicans are hinting that an impeachment might not be so far fetched.

“If what the (New York Times) reported is true, Pence is probably rehearsing,” a House Republican who preferred to remain anonymous said Wednesday. “It’s just like Nixon. From the standpoint that it’s never the underlying issue, it is always the cover-up.”

Erick Erickson, a strong “Never Trumper,” who had agreed to give the President an opportunity to prove him wrong, stated that it is time for Republicans to give up on Trump because they “have no need for him with Mike Pence in the wings.”

Wanting Pence for President is not a new concept for conservatives, being the worst kept secret it Washington. Pence has all of the qualities needed for the position, including that he is already familiar with the legislative process from his years in the House.

When Pence joined the Trump campaign he made it very clear that he was not trying to be President. He keeps a low profile and has shot-down talk of that possibility all along. However, it was reported Wednesday that a new leadership political action committee, the Great America Committee, was formed by Pence in order to merge the Republican National Committee and his political operations.