Work and English Language Requirements Induce Muslim Refugees to Leave Arizona


Liberals have been pushing for open borders to the United States for years. Their ideal vision of America would be no borders at all, with all seven and a half billion humans on earth welcome to immigrate at their pleasure, with no say on the matter from American citizens.

Answering this call, ‘refugees’ from Muslim-majority societies like Somalia, often with little useable skills for a modern society, have streamed to the U.S. However, one state, Arizona, has a way to induce foreigners to leave for perceived greener pastures if they are unwilling or unable to be anything but a burden.

A recent article from Mad World News explains how Arizona did it.

Over half of the 7,351 Somali ‘refugees’ who immigrated to Arizona have left the state, usually for the Somali-magnet state of Minnesota, because Arizona limits the welfare and other government benefits on which they rely.

When refugees settle into the U.S. each receives a one-time lump payment of $925 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. After that, the newcomers are dependent on handouts from their state of residence and wages for work they perform.

Therein lies the key: Arizona requires migrants to earn state assistance through finding work and learning English language skills. It turns out that having to do something to get something is a bit much for many migrants, so they move to bleeding-heart liberal locales like Minnesota.

Somali Minnesotan With Pictures of President of Somalia

The United States is a ‘nation of immigrants.’ Since people have immigrated to the U.S. in the past, the country is morally-bound to take in an infinite number of people wishing to come to the United States, forever more, and from all backgrounds. Immigrants, after all, only want to come to America to work hard and make great contributions to the nation, never to take advantage to the extremely welfare safety net paid for by American taxpayers.

These are all concepts that liberals have pushed unrelentingly for years. Anyone who questions these ideas is a bigot, according to progressive thinking. The Left refuses to see the reality before them: far too many Muslim migrants are not willing to assimilate to our society. They do not simply leave the cultures they were raised in back in the old country – they bring those cultural ways with them.

In addition, low-skilled migrants are a net drain on state and federal coffers, and ultimately, American taxpayers. A post-industrial age America simply cannot use large numbers of low-skilled people.

It appears that Arizona, at least, has shown how to deal with freeloading foreigners who do not pull their own weight and often don’t assimilate. Get a job, learn English, or lose your state benefits!

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