BOOM: MAJOR Arrest Rocks the Democrats – You’ll Cheer


A woman who killed two Jewish students in a terrorist attack in 1969 was one of the leaders of this year’s anti-Trump Women’s March.

Wayne Dupree reports that Rasmea Odeh was put in jail after immigrating to the U.S. and lying about her criminal background, after she “blamed [her] faulty memory on PTSD.”

According to HeatStreet, the Palestinian ex-terrorist was arrested and “will be deported from the United States after accepting a plea bargain that allows her to escape a prison sentence.” Rasmea Odeh will have her U.S. citizenship taken away and will be deported to Jordan.

Odeh became a key figure in the Women’s March as well as the Day Without A Woman protests, continually urging women to protest and recognize what Odeh sees as a “new wave of militant feminist struggle” under the Trump administration. Still no word from Odeh on the oppression, murder, and torture of women happening within the Muslim faith and in Muslim majority countries. Odeh seems more concerned with stopping Donald Trump than helping women in the Middle East.

Alas, Odeh will no longer have to worry about what happens in the United States, and can refocus her energy elsewhere. This woman has a very violent past and does not belong here. She is a safety risk for law-abiding American citizens.

Odeh’s past crimes include admitting to planting the bomb that killed two Jewish students in Isreal in 1969, and a second attack in Isreal – which led to a 10 year prison sentence. She was also convicted of immigration fraud in 2014.

Liberals are defending this murderer, despite her incessant lies and deception. Thankfully she will be deported! Let’s hope she never gets let back into the U.S. again!