Will ‘The View’ Survive Without THIS Hollywood Star…


Whoopi Goldberg is making headlines for her demands to the ABC network. If they want to keep her on the panel for the hit show, The View, they better meet her needs!

Conservative Fighters reports that the word on the street is that Whoopi will leave The View if she does not get a raise. The source says Whoopi wants to up her pay from $2 million per year to $3.5 million – but what’s interesting is that she used to get paid $5 million until the station made cuts.

Reportedly Whoopi believes she is only asking for what she’s worth, as she plays a big role in the show’s success. She is probably right. Even conservatives tune in to see what Hollywood liberals are saying!

But her conditions don’t end with a salary increase. This is where things get interesting.

Whoopi wants an Executive Producer credit and “more control” over decisions and the direction of the show. Ding, ding, ding! Now it’s clear. She wants to keep her cushy spot at the end of that table, so she can be cheered by the audience for every uninformed leftist remark she makes. Basically she wants to solidify her throne.

Who wouldn’t want Whoopi’s job on the View? All she has to do is conduct a quick Google search right before she goes on, and she gets hailed as an informed political pundit by a bunch of rich liberal women who know just as much about politics as she does.

In case you missed it, The View has turned into a political show. Except half the panel gets their news from BuzzFeed.

The unnamed source says that it only gets worse. “She wants this one ABC executive off the show. She blames this person for trying to turn The View into Good Morning America with the rotating hosts and contributors and doesn’t want that exec involved in the show any more.”

So now Whoopi wants control of The View, AND she wants to run ABC? Good luck, Goldberg. The sad part is, ABC will probably give her the Executive Producer credit. How do you get what you want in Hollywood? Threaten to leave if you don’t get your way.

Kind of like how celebrities said they’d leave the country if Trump got elected. Unfortunately, they are all still here.