Whoopi Goldberg Runs Her Mouth at Trump Campaign Manager… Gets a BRUTAL Response!


Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, got into it with liberal moon bat Whoopi Goldberg on The View yesterday.

Goldberg criticized Conway for pointing to polls — including an ABC poll — that show Trump in the lead nationally. “Didn’t you say the polls were rigged?” Goldberg said. “Will it be crooked again if he slips in the polls?”

“What I think you need to do is get ready for a chyron that says President-Elect Donald J. Trump,” Conway said. She said that Trump wants to go back on the show if he becomes president. “I don’t care if he ever comes back on this show myself,” Goldberg said, saying that Trump “has been very nasty about people I care about.”

Fox News reported on the exchange:

They got into it again later in the discussion after Goldberg questioned whether Trump has any real solutions to the nation’s problems.

Conway said Hillary Clinton does not have an “aspirational” message like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton did.

“Anyone can be president, that’s the aspirational message!” Goldberg answered as the audience cheered her on.

“That’s not her message. She has no message,” Conway said.

It’s clear that Conway exposed Whoopi for