Whoopi Goldberg Launches Attack On Mike Pence – Gets A BRUTAL Response


Ever since the presidential election, Whoopi Goldberg has been running her mouth on her talk show The View about how unfair it is that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. On Monday’s show, Whoopi decided to run her mouth against Vice President-elect Mike Pence after the cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton” confronted him on Friday night.

Unfortunately for Whoopi, however, her conservative cohost Jedidiah Bila wasn’t backing down today.

According to Raw Story, liberal host Sunny Hostin began the segment by saying that the actor’s statement was “important to be directed at Mike Pence” because the show is all about diversity. Sara Haines agreed with Hostin, criticizing Pence for calling for gay conversion therapy.

“He actually redirected some funding from AIDs research to conversion,” Haines said.

Bila then spoke out to defend Pence, much to the dismay of her cohosts, saying that even though she “didn’t mind the statement” itself, she minded “the way it was done.”

“I think there has to be a place—Mike Pence didn’t show up there as [vice] president-elect, he showed up with his daughter to see a play,” Bila said as her classless cohosts tried to interrupt her. “This was not a political discussion. If I went to see a play, I’m very vocal politically on this show, if I went to see a play—”

It was then that Whoopi interrupted her.

“But you’re not vice president and they wouldn’t be doing this to you,” Whoopi interjected.

“Maybe if I explain how this works you’ll understand it better,” Whoopi added, saying that the cast only read it at the curtain call because Pence refused to go backstage. She said the cast read it publicly “because they wrote this for him, they wrote this to him.”

Whoopi then said that Broadway actors have a history of speaking out against certain issues. Apparently, like Hollywood actors, Broadway actors have no idea that we don’t care about what they think. Bila, however, refused to submit to Whoopi and continued to defend Pence.

“The way that I felt hearing it was, you’re basically marginalizing that person in the audience,” Bila argued. “You’re saying, ‘you’re part of the problem. I hope that you won’t be, but my perception of you is that you’re the other.’”

Twitter ended up agreeing with Bila, as many took to the social media site to slam Whoopi.

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