Whoopi Goldberg DEMANDS Trump Apologize To Obama – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down


Whoopi Goldberg has spent the last few months repeatedly bashing Donald Trump on her liberal talk show The View. This week, however, she took things too far, and Twitter users immediately let her know it.

On Monday, the women of The View were discussing FBI Director James Comey testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in which he said he “has no information that supports” Trump’s claim that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election.

Breitbart reported that Whoop then embarked on another vile anti-Trump rant, calling on him to apologize to Obama.

“Nobody wiretapped your a**!” Whoopi said, addressing Trump.

“So, yesterday, FBI director James Comey told the House Intelligence Committee there is no information about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, wiretapping Trump’s car, wiretapping Trump’s wife,” Whoopi said. “The bottom line is nobody wiretapped your ass! So maybe Sean Spicer, I know you don’t get this, but perhaps an apology to the former commander-in-chief for accusing him of a federal crime, of a felony. The problem for me is when you know you’re wrong when the FBI, CIA, KFC, LMNOP said this didn’t happen and you double down on the lie.”

Unfortunately for Whoopi, Twitter users made it clear that they are sick of seeing her bash Trump on her show:

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