Whoopi Goldberg Claims Trump Mocked 9/11 – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down


There’s nothing Whoopi Goldberg loves more than whining about Donald Trump every day on her liberal talk show The View. However, on Tuesday, Whoopi took things too far when she tried to make it look like President Trump was mocking the September 11th terrorist attacks by taking one of his quotes out of context.

Whoopi reportedly slammed Trump for saying that his recent appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” helped give the show its highest ratings “since the World Trade Center came down” on 9/11.

“You know what man, that’s sacrosanct,” Whoopi barked, according to Too Fab. “You don’t use 9/11 to bolster yourself. What the hell?!”

“This is a tasteless thing,” Whoopi added.

Of course, Whoopi is ignoring the fact that as a proud New Yorker, Trump was personally affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks in ways that she could never understand. Twitter users immediately let Whoopi know that she took her attacks on Trump too far:

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