Whoopi Goldberg Calls For Hollywood A-Listers To BOYCOTT Trump’s Inauguration – INSTANTLY Gets Shut Down


Since the entertainment industry is run by mindless liberals, many celebrities have refused to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration due to fears that it will get them blacklisted and ruin their careers.

During Tuesday night’s episode of his show, Bill O’Reilly addressed this by explaining that there is a “reverse McCarthyism going on in the entertainment industry” that is causing singers to feel too intimidated to do anything that could be construed as showing support for Trump.

“If you are a Trump supporter, you are a bad person, and a number of entertainers believe their careers will be harmed, should they associate with the new Trump administration,” O’Reilly said, explaining the mindset of Hollywood liberals. “Again, that is terrible, an awful state of affairs.”

Obviously, what O’Reilly said was completely accurate given how few singers have signed on for Trump’s January 20th inauguration. However, what he said was far too complicated for liberal nitwit Whoopi Goldberg to understand, so she decided to mouth off about it on Wednesday morning’s episode of The View.

“If you don’t vote for people who don’t support you probably won’t get turned down as much,” Whoopi barked, Daily Beast. “I know that one of the people that supported Donald Trump was Ted Nugent. So, why isn’t Ted Nugent performing? He’s one of your big supporters.”

Whoop then turned to Trump directly in her foul rant.

Stop going after the lefties to come perform if you think it’s going to be an issue,” Whoopi told Trump. “If you want people to support you, go after your supporters. Don’t go after the people who clearly did not support you and label them as being bad.”

Conservative host Jedediah Bila tried to calm Whoopi down by explaining that what O’Reilly said can actually be proven too. She pointed out the semi-secretive group of Hollywood conservatives that is full of entertainers who are afraid of destroying their careers by expressing conservative views. Whoopi, however, refused to see reason.

“That is BS!” Whoopi screamed.

“When you’re talking about people coming to do the inauguration, which is what he’s talking about,” Whoopi said of O’Reilly, “and when you say it’s like McCarthyism, I have to yell B.S. It’s not!”

Once again, Whoopi chose to mouth off about a topic without doing any research on it. Had she looked into this just a little bit, she would have seen that O’Reilly IS indeed right about his assertion. Many conservatives took to Twitter to let Whoopi know just how ignorant and useless she really is.

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