Whoopi Gets RIPPED for Comparing Trump to the Taliban

Whoopi Goldberg: Trump equals the Taliban

During Tuesday’s broadcast of ‘The View,’ co-host Whoopi Goldberg compared Donald Trump to the Taliban. On Wednesday’s ‘The Five’ on Fox, Greg Gutfeld destroyed Goldberg’s loony commentary.

First, video was played of Goldberg’s comments: “We have had a leader who’s repeatedly demeaned women, calling on the media to shut up, specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion… are these values really much different than the Taliban?”

With a look of incredulity, Gutfeld, mocked Whoopi: “Talk about ground-breaking; to actually hear a celebrity say something mean about the Taliban. How dare they compare them to Trump. The Taliban should sue. Guess they ran out of Hitler analogies. So as they bash the president I’m reminded how entertainers rarely express any rage over any strand of mysogynist Islamism. If they did we might take their rage toward Trump seriously.”

Speaking of Hitler analogies and guilt by association, two favorite tactics of liberal wingnuts, here are a few: Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian. The Nazis were famously pro-animal rights. If one applies the reasoning of liberals, does that make vegetarians and animal rights activists secret Nazis?

Gutfeld then compared the reality of the American President with the Taliban and radical Islam: “A reminder: The Taliban throw acid in girls’ faces for going to school. Ya, I guess that’s like defunding Planned Parenthood. Radical Islam is all for killing gays, and I guess that’s the same as making some rude jokes?”

“Anyway, the immigration pause is meant to separate homicidal maniacs from innocent Muslims,” continued Gutfeld. “Equating the butchers with those bent on stopping them is pure, mindless, relativism, i.e. The View’s bread and butter.”

Gutfeld laughingly pointed out one of the benefits that may arise from Trump’s executive order: “Perhaps the greatest result from Trump’s executive order?: Liberal website Vox, suggests cancelling the Oscars. Cancelling the Oscars as a protest. If Trump’s executive order succeeds in killing three hours of sanctimonious bedwetting and grandstanding, then let’s call it right now: Clear out space on Mr. Rushmore, because Donald Trump may be the greatest president we’ve ever had.”

Hollywood might cancel the Oscars? Oh no, not that!

There is nothing more important to red state Americans than the Oscars.