White House Correspondent April Ryan Attempts to Ridicule Trump, Makes a Fool of Herself


The left hates Donald Trump. We know that. They will look for any reason to justify that hate and to say he is not fit to be President. He is too wealthy and cannot really be looking out for regular people. He is not really that wealthy thus proving he is actually a bad businessman. The rationales are endless.

Shortly after MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow destroyed her credibility as a liberal warrior a few nights ago when she presented the pilfered 2005 Donald Trump tax returns that merely proved (a) he made a lot of money that year – $150mm, and (b) he paid a lot of taxes that year – $38mm, White House correspondent April Ryan took to Twitter to post the following tweet – what she thought was a brilliant, ‘gotcha’ scoop:

No April, Income And Net Worth Are Not The Same Thing

We got news for you April. A person’s income in a single year does not determine whether that person is a billionaire. A billionaire is a person who’s net worth is at least $1 billion.

This all reminds me of a two car accident where the first car (in this case, Maddow) crashes her car, and then a second car (Ryan), following too close behind, smashes into it.

During White House press briefings April Ryan she appears to be constantly contorting the responses to her questions into something they are not, always look for that ‘gotcha’ question.

So she is very anti-Trump. And she is active on Twitter. And there are some notable gaps in her knowledge. That is a dangerous combination.

Needless to say, after Ryan made her breathtakingly ignorant tweet regarding Trump’s wealth – or lack thereof – Twitter lit up.

‘Peasant Uprising’ posted: ‘A night of comedy brought to us by “investigative reporters”. My stomach hurts from laughing.

‘Shelley’ tweeted: “Do you not understand wealth accumulation???? This is getting ridiculous.”

‘Common Sense’ skewered her with this: “You can’t be this ignorant? That’s one years income! That’s not his net worth! Net worth, assets and yearly income are different.”

Ryan’s personal website states that she is a “30-year journalism veteran” and “has been the White House Correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) since January of 1997.”

She has a degree from Morgan State University.

So she has an education and has been in the journalism game for quite some time. Yet in all that time she never figured out that a billionaire is not defined by what he or she earns in a single year?

That is a little scary, since some of the news coming out of the White House deals with money-related issues, like the national debt and budgets. For example, does Ms. Ryan understand the difference between the federal budget deficit and the national debt?

April Ryan and President Trump at a Press Briefing

In the end, maybe April Ryan felt sympathy for Ms. Maddow and was trying to redirect some of the ridicule from the Trump tax return announcement fiasco? In their zealotry to embarrass the President, they only invite mockery on themselves.

What do you think of Ms. Maddow’s and Ms. Ryan’s missteps in reporting on Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns? Share your opinions in the Comments section.