White Couple ASSAULTED On Camera In Horrifying Hate Crime – Media IGNORES


Americans are still reeling from the horrific video released this week of four black thugs torturing a white teenager while screaming things like “f*ck Donald Trump!” and “f*ck white people!”

After the four hoodlums were charged with committing hate crimes, the mainstream media tried to make it look like black-on-white hate crimes are extremely rare. The video above, however, makes it clear that they aren’t nearly as rare as the media would have you believe.

The Federalist Papers reported that the harrowing footage above this stories shows a white couple get assaulted outside a nightclub in Springfield, Missouri by a gang of racist black thugs. The woman in the video has been identified as Meredith Cole, who was sexually assaulted by the hoodlums as she stood outside the nightclub waiting for her boyfriend Alex Vessey, who worked there as a DJ at the time.

“It was embarrassing, kind of, and weird and uncomfortable,” Cole said of the sexual assault. “It was really intimidating too. It was scary, I guess is what I’m trying to say.”

Terrified, Cole ran inside the club to get her boyfriend, who immediately rushed outside to help. It was then that the thugs descended on Cole and Vessey, brutally beating both of them in the nightclub alley before fleeing the scene.

Both Cole and Vessey were left with serious injuries in the attack.


This assault occurred in 2014, and the thugs who attacked this couple were never apprehended. Had the media picked up this story and spread the footage, the thugs likely would have been arrested and brought to justice for their crime. However, since this was a black-on-white hate crime, the media ignored the story, and these thugs were free to continue assaulting innocent people.

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