What Hillary Was Just Caught Doing On Camera May Cost Her The Election


Americans on all sides of the political spectrum know that Hillary Clinton is incredibly desperate to become president. However, some believe that the 68 year-old is SO desperate to get elected that she is hiding a major health issue from the public in the hopes of making it to the White House.

Over the last few months, Hillary has fueled rumors of ill health by descending into coughing fits during multiple public engagements. Though she has always denied any health problems, she reignited the rumors this week with yet another public coughing fit.

The American Mirror reported that Clinton was at a meeting on  immigration reform in Sylmar, California over the weekend when she fell into yet another coughing attack. She was caught on camera desperately gulping water as she tried in vain to stop coughing.

That was almost as bad as her severe coughing fit in January…

This wouldn’t be the first time Hillary has hid something from the American people…

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