Welfare Recipients Find Out Their Benefits Have Been CANCELLED!


Food stamp recipients in Georgia recently found out that their benefits have been cancelled! Those who are losing their benefits are “able bodied adults with no children who are capable of working.”

During the Obama years, people could collect food stamps for an unlimited amount of time without working whatsoever. But now, with Trump in office, that’s all changing.

Under the new rules in Georgia, in order to continue receiving food stamps, you either need to get a job or prove that you’re seeking work by enrolling in a free job training program.

The most recent government stats show that over 45 million Americans are currently collecting food stamps. What incentive is there to go out and get a job when the government will pay for your needs anyways?

President Trump has been an outspoken advocate of rewarding hardworking Americans — not those who seek to drain from our society by gaming the system.

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