Welfare Mom Wants More Free Stuff – Texas Cowboy Shuts Her Down


There is a Texas Cowboy named Chad Prather, who is not afraid to speak his mind about the problems we face as a country. Although he has a sense of humor, he manages to get his point across very clearly.

Famous on social media, conservatives are now sitting up and taking notice of this bright young man. He sees through the liberal art of deflecting, confusion and misinformation. He gets to the nitty-gritty of a topic and hits it hard. He states he is all about solutions and not the hype the progressives put out in the media.

Prather takes on welfare in a video on YouTube and does away with the isonomies and politically correct jargon liberals tout today.

He recalls a doctors visit where he overheard some people talking about receiving welfare and a woman stated, and believed, she should get “Free Health Care!”

The reaction Prather had is perfect, and one we all have at this point. “Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you deserve it.”

With his intelligent humor he continues, “No one owes you anything, no one!”

He wants to pass a message on to “the entitled,” after he has given a description of that in case they weren’t sure if they were “entitled”. He tells those people to work hard to get what they want. That way they can go through life with their heads held high.


Chad Prather lives in Fort Worth, Texas and is a motivational speaker, as well as an entertainer and a storyteller. He uses his talents to get important topics across in a light-hearted way.