Watch Trey Gowdy Show Who’s Boss On CNN…


Trey Gowdy proved he can’t be taken off guard, and stays cool no matter who messes with him!

Allen B. West reports that Gowdy was speaking with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, when “fellow Republican Rep. Sean Duffy engaged in some horseplay as he walked by, tapping Gowdy on the ear.”

Gowdy didn’t even flinch! He continued his conversation with Blitzer, and discussed James Comey and his recent testimony to Congress. The source reminds us that this should come as no surprise, as Gowdy is known for staying strong and focused during his numerous high-profile Congressional hearings, where his composure remains unparalleled.

This funny exchange between Republicans proves another theory that yes, Republicans are having more fun than the failing and flailing Democrats! While Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton and crying, resisting, and blaming Russia for their loss…Republicans are getting things done AND enjoying themselves at the same time.

Fox News Insider reports that Trey Gowdy’s next mission might be going after Susan Rice. The former Obama national security adviser refused to testify before Congress “on the unmasking of Trump team members.” Gowdy said “a subpoena may have to be used to bring Rice before Congress.”

He continued to be his bold self, saying that “you shouldn’t have to use [a subpoena] with a former national security adviser…but if you do, you do.” Gowdy called Susan Rice a “very important witness” in the investigation into the Obama administration.

What a great day to be a conservative! People love to see Republicans getting tough on the issues, and it’s great to watch a sharp mind like Gowdy’s in action. CNN is usually hard to watch if you’re a conservative. This moment is an exception!