Watch This EPIC Rant From A Hispanic American Billionaire About Donald Trump


Daniel Peña is an outspoken Hispanic American billionaire and business coach. He is also the author of the popular book, “Your First Hundred Million”. Peña was born in Florida and is an American citizen, but today he lives in a castle in Scotland.

He had a few choice words about Donald Trump recently. Peña said Trump is an extraordinary success because “you have no idea how limitless it is when you’re not afraid what other people think.” And Trump is the perfect manifestation of America’s being fed up with all the political “bullshit” that is going on in Washington DC.

“When Donald Trump becomes president, he will not only rock the United States, he will rock the world,” the colorful mogul said.

He opines about the Democratic party: “This guy Bernie Sanders, God help him, he was a f*ing Communist 35 years ago, now he’s a socialist, he’s in the Senate for 15 or 20 years, and he’s kicking Hillary’s ass. What does THAT say? I mean, the U.S. is ready for CHANGE!”

Watch the video above. If you are fed up with political correctness and Washington’s out-of-touch political class, you will definitely enjoy Mr. Peña’s rant.

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