Watch Rachel Maddow CRY When She Finds Out About FBI Investigation


Liberals are devastated with the news that the FBI has reopened the investigation into emails associated with Hillary Clinton’s private server, based on the discovery of a new collection of emails that may be relevant to that case. Democrats and liberals have worked hard to deflect all previous charges and allegations of impropriety, corruption, and criminality by Mrs. Clinton and her campaign, but now it appears it is becoming too much too bear, at least for some of them.

On MSNBC the other night, Rachel Maddow provided her reaction to this latest news about the reopened FBI investigation.

“In political terms, Democrats and supporters of Hillary Clinton are reacting to today’s news mostly with anger,” Maddow sneered, “Specifically with anger and bewilderment at the FBI for how they handled this today and for this decision to send this remarkable, inflammatory, content-free letter.”

Rachel went on to ask her guest, correspondent Pete Williams, whether he had a sense of how long the FBI review would take and whether the FBI would likely release any more information from their investigation before election day.

Maddow’s guest responded that the drilling down through the newly discovered emails and distilling information from them would take some time, and certainly this work would go well beyond November eighth.

Ultra-lefty Maddow appeared to fight back tears through the discourse, struggling with what this all means to what she thought was going to be an election day cakewalk followed by a triumphant victory lap by the Democrats (while landing a few kicks to their fallen adversaries as they circle the track).

Ultimately, the “anger and bewilderment” expressed by Maddow and her coreligionists of the left is nothing more than the extreme frustration they feel at the idea of the FBI conducting a complete and proper investigation of their candidate. Rest assured, if the tables were turned, they would be singing the praises of that law enforcement agency for doing their job. Hypocrites.