Watch What Happened Right When Trump Introduced Families of People Killed by Illegals


The biased, crooked media has sunk lower than can be imagined. Mainstream media outlets have refused to film the families who lost loved ones in crimes committed by illegal immigrants. And it’s all caught on video.

During a speech on immigration and border safety, President Trump mentioned the families whose relatives were killed by illegal immigrants, and the families were in attendance.

The media, however, would not pan the cameras to show the families. They did not want to show the real faces of Americans who have been devastated by Obama’s immigration policies. Obama’s consistent failure to enforce the law over his eight years as President directly resulted in the deaths of these innocent people – and the Obama-loving media doesn’t want to admit that sad fact.


Conservative Tribune reports that all the shots by the mainstream media “stayed focused on one area … the podium on which Trump stood.” Continuing that the moment when Trump mentions the brave families by name, would have been “the perfect time to pan around to see the faces of the Americans whose family members were killed by illegal immigrants; however, the cameras did not want to record them.”

The media should be ashamed of themselves for not honoring these families or respecting their pain. The Young Conservatives notes that the press didn’t even show “a simple pan to the families,” and that “a few outlets did show pictures of the families when Trump was signing the orders,” proving that it was possible.

In the video Donald Trump asks the families to stand – and the media STILL will not change the camera angle. Shameful.

Watch the disturbing media deception here: