WATCH: Bill Clinton Checked Out Melania Trump… Until Hillary Catches Him in the Act


Once a dog, always a dog.

At least that appears to be true of Bill Clinton. Video from Donald Trump’s inauguration appears to show him staring with, uh, ‘admiration’ at Ivanka Trump as the latter arrived at the ceremony.

As Mr. Clinton gazed with the raptured look look he is known for when in the presence of an attractive lady, Hillary Clinton turned and stared at her husband with an ‘I caught you’ look.

Hillary then turned away with the appearance of resigned disgust.

Twitter, of course, lit up with comments and wisecracks regarding Bill’s apparent indiscretion.

‘Poliphilosophy’ tweeted: “Bill Clinton ain’t nothing but a hound dog.”

‘NinJosh’ had the following romance advice to the ladies: “Find someone who looks at you the same way Bill Clinton looks at Ivanka Trump.”

Another, ‘Dr. Dan Challis,’ commented: “If they find Bill at the bottom of the Potomac tomorrow, we’ll know why.”

Hillary has put up with Bill’s lecherous ways for decades, and Bill has never showed evidence of curbing his desires. There is no reason to think either one will ever change.

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