Washington Post Uses Hate Speech To Attack Trump

Liberal Idiots at the Post are working overtime to destroy Trump.


Everyone knows that the Washington Post is a liberal newspaper. But the title on one article describing Trump’s first campaign ad touts nothing less than hate speech.

The article, written by the very liberal Greg Sargent, is titled “Donald Trump’s New TV Ad: Make America Great By Keeping the Darkies Out”. This outrageous headline not-so-delicately suggests that the billionaire presidential candidate used the word “darkie” to describe illegal immigrants. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the ad, while effective, is relatively predictable and highlights the same issues Trump has been talking about for months.

Trump has always been forthright about his desire to protect our nation’s borders. The ad shows video of illegal aliens swarming across our southern border, and highlights the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. These are two very valid concerns that any candidate should address.

Yet Sargent’s hit piece describes the new television ad as Trumpism in all it’s xenophobic glory.

Trump and Cruz appear to be the only two candidates on either side of the political aisle talking about taking bold steps to protect our nation’s sovereignty. Americans of all ethnicities and backgrounds care about these issues, and now Trump and Cruz are currently leading the GOP primary. This doesn’t sit well with many liberals.

In fairness to the Post, this was an Editorial Opinion piece. But ask yourself, if a Conservative journalist were to use these words, would the outcome be the same? Or would the editorial board be calling for his head? Keep in mind, Trump’s ad never used the word “darkies” or any word considered degrading to minorities or Muslims. The ad only addresses very real security concerns facing this nation. The hateful term “darkies” was used solely by Greg Sargent, one of the many liberal moon bats on the Washington Post staff. Because Sargent is a liberal, no one raises an eyebrow over this hate speech.

No doubt this is just the beginning. Prepare for nine more months of liberal hate speech from the Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media. Is there any question why the Washington Post keeps losing readership every year?