WARNING/GRAPHIC: ISIS Just Brutally Murdered More Gays In The Name Of Islam


Liberals are ignoring the gross hate crimes and murders that are happening all over the world, mainly in the Middle East, against gays in the name of Islam.

The Daily Mail reports that a terrible scene unfolded in Homs, Syria, when a group of extremist Muslims threw two men off of a building for the “crime” of being gay.

The source reports that the crowd began to go through the rituals of Islamic burial but then decided to place the men in an unmarked grave. While rooftop executions are common in radical Islamic cultures in the Middle East. Syria is in shambles, and the violence has turned the nation into a hell hole of epic proportions.

The mob who committed this heinous crime, according to the Daily Mail, even included children. That is how you grow a terrorist. It’s enough to make any decent person angry and heartbroken at the same time.

The disturbing images are hard to compute in a western brain. It is so disgusting that it seems like pictures from a movie scene. Sadly, this is the state of Syria.

The Daily Mail explains that the crowd was awaiting the execution, and rather than disturbed, they were ready to jump in and start stoning the two men.

“The two men are then led, blindfolded, across the roof,” says the source, “before being thrown to their death after being made to teeter on the edge by their evil captors. The moment the doomed men hit the ground is not shown, but the crowd – which had been waiting expectedly – are shown surging forward to stone the men as as they lie twisted on the floor.”

One can only pray for the region and hope that western politicians protect our borders from fake migrants who are growing up with this kind of violence and hate all around them, and want to wage war with the west. We need to protect western values now more than ever.