How State Governments Make Millionaires at Your Expense


Did you know you can make absurd amounts of money working for state government? Especially if you work in a blue (Democrat-controlled) state.

As highlighted in Forbe’s website,, the list of overpaid state government workers is dizzying.

To cite an example, one lucky librarian in Queens, New York made over $390,000.00 in 2014. Heck, do people even go to libraries any more?

Several Port Authority cops in the Big Apple made well over $300,000 last year as well. We all support hard working cops, but there is something fishy about those inflated salaries in a city with a corrupt mayor like De Blasio.

In Newport Beach, California, lifeguards can make upwards of $212,000.00 per year. That’s some serious scratch, Dude! All while working on their tan and meeting girls.

Let’s not forget liberal Massachusetts, where one police captain made over $1 million over four years, or Maryland, where over 80 state employees take home more than $400,000.00 per year. And in Obama’s home state of Illinois, over 10,000 retired teachers and educators take home pensions of over $100,000.00 per year.

capital bucks

In fairness to the free-spending blue states, many so-called conservative states have seen spending get out of control, too. In Utah, 16 school administrators made more than $200,000.00 last year.

The problem is systemic. Public sector unions are largely to blame. And it is easier for politicians to approve these overpaid salaries and to keep everyone happy than to make waves and risk losing the next election.

If taxpayers from these states had any idea how their money was being spent, there would be a revolt. Fortunately for the overpaid bureaucrats, most Americans are dumb, happy and ignorant; just the way politicians and bureaucrats like them.

But eventually, states go broke. This is what happened in New Jersey in 2010. The state was teetering on bankruptcy, and spending was still growing wildly. Voters threw out the corrupt Democratic Governor Jon Corzine, and they elected Chris Christie to clean up the mess. Governor Christie has done an admirable job taking on unions and state spending, but the state is still hurting from decades of mismanagement. Sadly, many New Jersey state employees saw their pensions cut, and layoffs were severe.

Elected state and federal officials need to be held accountable to clean up their budgets. But this can only happen when an educated electorate wakes up and calls out their representatives’ waste, fraud and abuse.

In the meantime, let’s start looking for that lucrative six-figure bureaucrat job!