VIRAL: Climate Change Scientist Schools Triggered Progressive Student


This is how it’s done! A video has gone viral that shows an amazing intellectual body slam of a triggered social justice warrior on the topic of anthropomorphic climate change. It’s a must see.

A while back Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom invited experts on climate change to debunk myths about global warming that have grown to be accepted as facts by so many. One of the panel members was Irish climate change expert Ann McElhinney.

Watch the video below of the radical progressive put in her place:

While speaking, McElhinney is interrupted by a female social justice warrior (SJW) who stands up and proceeds to hurl insults at her in an absolutely unhinged rant:

“I can’t take anything you said seriously because you said that washing machines were more liberating than the birth control pill. You don’t know anything! You are the least credible human being I’ve like ever encountered in my life.”

The SJW, with a conceited grin on her face, claims that 98% of the world’s scientists agree that climate change is real. Clearly, she thought her comment sealed the deal.

Not so, when science is the topic. McElhinney then conclusively schooled the eye-rolling SJW, explaining that science is not about consensus, science is about the truth:

“Science is not democratic . . . At one time in history, it was the consensus that the Earth was flat. Everyone believed in that. Everyone agreed on that. One man said that that was not true.”

“The truth is the truth, and it’s not done by majority,” McElhinney concluded.

Apparently a glutton for intellectual punishment, the SJW then began lauding the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

McElhinney easily dismissed this, saying, “intergovernmental, not interscientific. It’s a governmental panel, it’s not scientific.”

The SJW seemed to feel that the IPCC was conclusive because it contains research from “130 countries,” as well as the European Union.

McElhinney responded, “In Spain, do you know what the unemployment rate is? Spain, which was the poster child for renewable energy… They have over 20% unemployment.”

SJW: “And how many of them have healthcare and get to eat food? All the time. Because their government takes care of them.”

This last remark from the absolutely clueless SJW really set off McElhinney, who then absolutely schooled the SJW on the abject failure that is the European Union.

McElhinney: “You’re about the only person in the world who thinks the European experiment is a success… They have no money… The whole thing is falling to pieces.” Ouch!

McElhinney kept hitting the SJW with facts from various EU-member nations as the SJW sat there with her eyes bugging out and looking confused.

The SJW replied, “Then what experiment worked?”

McElhinney then issued the coup de grace, the mic dropping comment, “The American Experiment!”

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