More Violence At U.C. Berkeley: Trump Supporters Bloodied, Beaten, Pepper-Sprayed


Violence broke out during a pro-Trump rally at the University of California, Berkeley on Saturday. The antifa protesters intimidated Trump supporters, attacked innocent people, burned American flags, pepper-sprayed the elderly, and covered their faces with bandanas like cowards.

Authorities called the riots a civil disturbance, and eventually (although not soon enough), police were sent to the scene in riot gear. Independent Journal Review reports that protesters were chanting “Russia!”, in “an apparent allusion to claimed ties between the Trump administration and the Russian government.” A Soviet flag can be spotted in this photo, capturing the idiots who think Russia won the election for Trump.

One of the stories receiving the most attention was an elderly man left screaming on the ground after the leftist thugs pepper-sprayed him in the face.

These are the same rioters who have no sense of respect for the elderly, for our country, or for free speech. What happened to the liberal education system supporting a voice for all people? These antifa losers are beyond out of control and should be arrested at the first sign of intimidation or violence. Here they are burning a sign that reads “Free Speech”…

They don’t even understand what they are protesting, but they know enough to wear masks. These antifa groups act tough, but they’re really just spoiled brats who were never told “no” by their parents.

Whoever bloodied this man’s face should be thankful he didn’t fight back in full force. No doubt this tall dude could have knocked out these college wimps but he must have the good sense to let law enforcement decide their fates.

Ten people were arrested at the civil disturbance at Berkeley this weekend, where Trump supporters “were outnumbered about 2-to-1.”

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