VIDEO: Secret Source In Obama Admin CONFIRMS Wiretapping Took Place


An unnamed source from the Obama administration has confirmed suspicions that Obama wiretapped Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

It’s possible Obama was spying on Trump due to allegations that Trump had ties with Russia. It’s more possible that Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the regressive left just wanted any dirt on Donald Trump that they could find, and the leaders of the democratic party are sneaky, lying, rats. Either way, the journalist who confirmed the wiretapping seemed very confident in her source.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Democrat Kathy Anue appeared on Fox News’ ‘Watters’ World’ last night and said this:

“My sources from the White House told me, she thinks it’s all true. She said…there were concerns that Trump – and this is from the White House and the administration inside the White House…there were concerns that Trump and his surrogates may have been colluding with the Russians and a possible bargaining chip to influence the election, therefore a wiretap was conducted.”

The discussion on Fox continued as the legality of the wiretapping was called into question. If the source is correct, and Trump’s allegations of wiretapping from the prior administration is true, then exactly how did it take place? Was it legal or not?

The panel argued back and forth about the validity of the claims, and more importantly, the means by which the wiretapping could have occurred. It is extremely difficult to get such a warrant, so Obama either had significant reasons to tap the Trump campaign, or there is corruption in the system. Perhaps a judge was bribed – or even worse – agreed to sign the warrant for political reasons.

Watch the video here: