VIDEO: Radical Activists Arrested At Trump Tower For THIS…


No place is safe anymore from radical leftist thuggery, but Trump Tower is a hotbed for anti-American and anti-free speech activists. Nothing triggers a liberal snowflake more than capitalism and Donald Trump.

Conservative Fighters reports that 25 activists from a group called “Rise and Resist” were arrested at the Tower, which is about half of the group of 50 people who were protesting. They even went inside the building to have their loud, angry, tantrums – disturbing shoppers and residents – and that was when authorities drew the line.

The focus of the protest was immigration, and liberal protesters held signs that said “No Wall” and “No Raids.” According to the source, these left-wing freaks were very triggered by Trump’s travel ban and his decision to build a wall on the border of the U.S. and Mexico.

The irony is that none of these liberal wimps can defend themselves if their neighborhoods get run over by migrants like what’s happening in Paris. Liberals will scream about “letting everyone in” to the country, until it actually starts to affect them. Fortunately we have a President who wants to prevent America from further suffering. Liberals don’t understand the concept of protecting freedom, and that vetting is important to ensuring our nation’s safety.

These nuts think they can force their agenda on others, but their bullying has to stop! They can’t understand the concept of disagreement in politics. It’s sad that people like this have to ruin things for normal people just trying to go about their day.

The police should have arrested ALL 50 of these liberal lunatics!

Watch the video here: