Video: Protesters VS Cars! Guess Who Wins?


Obnoxious protesters are blocking traffic all over the country, but many drivers refuse to put up with the behavior. The showdown between the law-breaking protesters and this brave group of drivers was all caught on video.

Do American citizens have the right to peaceably protest? Of course! But Right Wing News reminds us that no one has the right to “block traffic, interrupt commerce, assault people, vandalize property, or prevent emergency vehicles from getting through.” These arrogant protesters learned a big lesson about playing in traffic. The cars were not willing to back down to a bunch of lazy, jobless, morons who had nothing better to do than stand in the middle of the road.

The cars come right at the protesters – some even loop around sidewalks and plow straight into the crowds that had been blocking them! Protesters leap onto slower moving cars, only to learn that’s not a good idea. The more aggressive vehicles get a big reaction when the protesters run away as quickly as possible…but it’s often too late.

These loser protesters claim to care about the American people but they are stopping them from getting to work, and even blocking ambulances. How sick is that? How dare these people put innocent lives in such serious danger? There are so many other ways to protest. Blocking traffic is idiotic and dangerous for everyone involved. The police need arrest everyone who attempts to block traffic!

Watch as the protesters get what they deserve. See the video below: