Video of ISIS Financial Headquarters Blowing Up Newly Released


This week, the United States Department of Defense released a video of coalition forces blowing up a major financial distribution center of ISIS. The terrorist group makes billions of dollars from oil revenue, and they have been using that money to rein terror across the globe.

The targeted financial center, near Mosul, Iraq, was bombed to disrupt and destroy the financial operations of the terrorist organization. This includes paying for weapons and fighters. The strikes were conducted as part of “Operation Inherent Resolve”. It is hoped that this will limit their ability to financially support international terror.

The black and white video begins with an overhead shot of the ISIS financial center. The building is then hit with two 2000 pound bombs. The explosion is quite impressive, and shortly afterwards, clouds of fluttering paper can be seen in the air. The Pentagon claims that this paper was currency.

It is unknown how big of an impact this will have on ISIS operations. It is also unknown why it has taken the Obama Administration so many years to find and blow up this facility.

President Obama has made no secret about trying to minimize loss of life while battling ISIS. He has gone as far as ordering pilots to drop leaflets over the enemy, warning the enemy them to leave their equipment so American bombers can destroy their weapons without any loss of life. This is certainly no way to wage war with someone you want to destroy.

Strategies aside, this is a fun video to watch where we can score one up for the good guys.