VIDEO: Muslims Assault, Hit, And Slap Americans In Public


Muslim immigrants gathered under the pretense of peace, but as soon as anyone tried to film them, they got violent.

It seems Muslims do not like cameras one bit. They don’t want their true beliefs and behaviors caught on tape.

Conservative Fighters shared a telling video of this angry, violent, group of Muslims assaulting Americans who were filming their visit to the festival. At one booth, a sign encouraged visitors to ask any question they want about Islam, and it would be answered. But as soon as the booth attendants and Muslim security team noticed the cameras, they started getting physically aggressive – in an instant.

The aggressors blocked, grabbed, and smacked hard at the cameras, as well as the cameramen and women. These “peaceful Muslims” aren’t so peaceful after all! They seem to have no fear of the law, hitting and tripping people at will, then lying to police when they came to the scene.

According to Conservative Fighters, all these Muslim immigrants really want is for Sharia Law to be enacted in the United States. That will never happen, so they can keep dreaming. Thankfully Donald Trump is President and not Barack Obama! Sharia Law will never be tolerated or supported by President Trump.

Barack Obama would have certainly stuck up for the rights of Muslim’s before the rights of any other religious group in America. Obama’s love for Islam was on clear display throughout his presidency. We need a strong leader to make sure Muslims like the ones in this video are arrested and charged!

Watch the full assault here: