Migrants Blocks Streets, Chant ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’ – What Happens Next Is Chilling


It’s official. France has been overrun by Muslim migrants. The failing policies of French politicians have left the country in shambles, it’s citizens now victims of an oppressive, violent, vulgar culture flooding through their borders.

The Gateway Pundit reported that after a temporary mosque was closed down, Muslims took to the streets to protest. According to the source, the mosque was a public building being used by the Muslims on a short-term lease that had been “agreed with local Islamic associations in 2013 by Clichy’s then socialist mayor.”

Unfortunately for the migrants, “two years later, in 2015, the newly elected center-right mayor announced the termination of the lease for the opening of a planned media library, setting the stage for the legal wranglings culminating in this week’s eviction.”

The group clashed with police, who were responsible for sealing the doors shut and making sure the building was clear. The Muslims then began to chant loudly in the street, the chilling phrase non-Muslims have to hear every time there is an Islamic terror attack, “Allahu Akbar” or “Allah is Greater [Greatest].”

Mr. Conservative blog points out that the loud and disruptive Islamic protest was “all the more terrifying for the locals, given the terrorist attack that had happened in London hours earlier.” But it is to be expected. It is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy Western culture, bring the oppression and death they grew up with and believe in, and spread it throughout the world in the name of their religion. It’s disgusting that the left will not recognize this, as innocent people continue to suffer.

The Gateway Pundit explains that the French city of Clichy, located minutes North of Paris, is “the latest flashpoint between the secular French Republic and its burgeoning Islamic population,” and tensions between the Muslim migrants and local police are high.

Politicians need to STOP giving Muslims special treatment. These men should have been arrested one by one until the crowd dispersed. Enough is enough!

Watch the disturbing video of the deranged chanting, here: