Loretta Lynch Incites Violence, Calls For Blood And Death In Streets


Loretta Lynch can’t get enough of her own voice. In a Hillary-esque video recently posted by Lynch, she makes it clear that to her, politics is more than a war of ideas.

Truthfeed points out that if Hillary had won, Lynch was likely to retain the role of Attorney General. Perhaps someone’s a little bitter…

Now Lynch is spreading her radical leftist views by eluding to a modern-day race war, using language that suggests a new civil rights era is dawning. When in reality, the left is fabricating a culture of oppression so that young impressionable college kids will protest on behalf of the Democrats. Any news is good news, right? Leaders in the democratic party love it when anti-Trump protesters get violent – it means the mainstream media can spin the stories and blame Trump’s presidency for inciting civil unrest. When in reality, the Democrats are behind the thuggery and destruction during political rallies. Lynch should be ashamed of herself for continuing to fan the flames of racism, and cheering on antifa and BLM hate-groups.

Lynch begins her uninvited lecture to the American people by saying, “I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people.” To be translated into honest speech as: “I want you to fear Trump because it works to my advantage.”

The shameless propaganda is so transparent, but if you’re a young, angry, liberal college student, you won’t see through it. Lynch knows this. She is speaking to her audience – who are spoiled, overprivileged, and bored. They want a revolution the likes of the Vietnam protests or the Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately they have a ton of rights and live in a time where things are going pretty darn good. If they want to stand up for something they should try to stand up against Sharia Law and Islamic Terror. But that is so “not PC” so they’ll continue to be brainwashed by Hillary, Loretta, Schumer, and Pelosi. Lynch proclaims, “This is hard, every good thing is. We have done this before, we can do this again.”

The democrats know their race-baiting hand has been exposed, so they’re struggling to keep it moving. The “vote Democrat because rich white people are bad” thing is getting old. More and more minorities are changing parties, and people like Lynch are panicking that they are losing their stronghold on the minority vote.

Watch the video here: