VIDEO: Liberal Reporter Tries To Shame Sean Spicer – Gets DESTROYED…


White House reporters are constantly trying to embarrass Sean Spicer or catch him off guard, but no one has been able to shake him. Spicer fiercely defends the administration against slander and lies. This time, it’s definitely worth watching!

Subject Politics shared the awesome video of Spicer owning the press, yet again. The source reports that the leftist press member “attempted to ask Sean Spicer about Trump’s possible involvement in the Russia investigation before it was completed.”

Spicer mocks the reporters for being obsessed with the Russian narrative despite any evidence of collusion. “There seems to be an obsession with the process…but at some point there should be a concern about the substance,” said the Press Secretary.

Spicer continued to slay the Russia-obsessed, biased reporter:

So, at some point I would implore…urge…beg some of you, to use your investigative skills to look into what actually DID happen. Why did it happen? What was going on back there? Who knew what and when?

Watch Spicer destroy the biased liberal media in true “Spicey” fashion: