VIDEO: Liberal Dem Senator Defends Jeff Sessions And Puts His Colleagues To Shame


Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, has shed some light on the current “Russian ties” accusations against Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a live interview on CNN. Manchin basically said it’s not unusual to meet with Russian ambassadors, and that he had done so many times as it’s part of his job as a Senator.

CNN was surely not happy with the response, as they love to slam the Trump administration any chance they get.

According to the The Daily Caller, Sen. Joe Manchin was clearly speaking in defense of Jeff Sessions when he told the interviewer, Alisyn Camerota, that it’s completely normal and commonplace for senators to meet with ambassadors of other countries. Democrats and Republicans in the Senate meet with foreign leaders and ambassadors all the time. The attack on Jeff Sessions is a pathetic plot contrived by the liberal morons, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Thank goodness there are Democrats with a sense of truth and morality! Manchin was asked during the live interview if he ever met with Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.

“I have,” Manchin responded. “I’ve met with the Russian Ambassador with a group, in my capacity, with a group of other senators,” he said. “That’s in my official capacity. That’s nothing. That’s my job.”

Bravo, Senator Manchin! You don’t have to agree with conservative values or Republican policy to admit when there is common ground, or to fight against a conspiracy. The liberal lunatics who are pushing for the Attorney General to resign are just wasting everybody’s time. The White House needs to focus on replacing Obamacare and enforcing immigration laws. Not listening to liberals crying about things that don’t matter.