Obama Has Our C.I.A. Doing THIS… INCREDIBLE!

US President Barack Obama

Without question, the Central Intelligence Agency has always pursued the best and the brightest without any regard for political correctness.

Until Obama became our Commander In Chief.

As first reported in the Washington Free Beacon, the CIA now has a “Diversity and Inclusion Office”. And just last week they released a new plan for “weaving diversity and inclusion throughout the talent cycle”. One of their goals? To hire more transgender employees.

“We will continue to enrich our workforce by targeting diverse communities across the United States to meet our talent needs, with dedicated programs for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals,” the CIA said.


                                       Welcome to the CIA, Sir! Uh, Ma’am…

The recruitment of these LGBT employees will be measured with an “inclusion index”, and the organization with track “diversity and gender break-down” of all their applicants. CIA Director John Brennan recently said that diversity and inclusion are now “at the heart” of what the intelligence service is “charged to do.”


What the Hell is happening to our country? The Central Intelligence Agency’s goal used to be carrying out and overseeing covert actions on behalf of the President and the country. Today, its primary goal seems to be becoming the employer of choice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

In fact, the CIA’s Diversity and Inclusion Office pretty much says that. In their statement last week, they said one of their goals is to “Become an Employer of Choice,” for every demographic imaginable.

The statement continues, “Cultivating an inclusive culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness enables all officers to contribute to their full potential. When employees feel included, have a voice, and are given opportunities to develop and maximize their potential, we create an organization of choice and become a model employer for the full diversity of America’s talent.”

Welcome to the bizarro world of liberalism, where everyone gets a blue ribbon, and everyone gets a chance to become an American Spy, even if you’re a man who likes to wear bras and lipstick.

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                                          “Let’s go spy on Kenny!”