UNBELIEVABLE: Here’s What the Obamas Will Do IMMEDIATELY After Trump Inauguration

Oh, isn't that sweet. The Obamas will be taking one last taxpayer-funded flight on Air Force One after Barack is no longer president. Gosh, we're so good to him. Pity he wasn't so good to us.

As if to give one final “F-u” to the American people, the Obamas will fly all the way out to Palm Springs, California, on their “ceremonial” last flight on Air Force One. The cost to the American taxpayer? Oh, about $206,337 per HOUR, explained fortune.com in an article on their site.

That article goes on to explain that, “The average domestic round-trip airline fare in the U.S. is $361, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. This means more than 571 plane tickets could be purchased for the price of operating Air Force One for an hour.”

Lovely. So, even though the Obamas are going to be living in Washington, D.C., (and so have no need for an airplane, of any sort, to “take them home”) they are going to blow a bit (a big bit) more of the money earned by the hard work of folks like you and me by taking an unnecessary trip.

Of course, Donald Trump is not in favor of wasting American’s money on overly-expensive aircraft, or overly-expensive flights.


The kicker of the Obama’s trip is that, when they will be making it, Barack Obama will not even be president anymore. No, the Obama’s trip will commence once Donald Trump has taken the oath of office ceremony.

The Obama’s new home (uh, well, if you call an 8,200 square foot mansion a home) will be in the elite Kalorama district of Washington, D.C.

Now, the Obama’s trip is by no means mandatory. According to the TMZ website, “Not all modern presidents flew home after leaving the White House. For his last trip, as thousands gathered to wish him a safe trip, Harry S. Truman boarded a train at Union Station and rode the rails back to his home in Independence, Missouri.”

Gee, maybe the Obamas could jump in a car or on a scooter or even “hoof it” over to their new house over in the Kalorama district of D.C. Oh, wait. I forgot. They’re too good for that.