UH OH: Looks What’s Sneaking Into America Through Mexican Border Now


This week, the Department of Homeland Security reported that apprehensions increased to 408,870 in fiscal year 2016, including 59,692 unaccompanied children and 77,674 family members. That is up from 331,333 in 2015.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said that approximately one person makes it through for every one who is caught. And many of those who are caught actually turn themselves in willingly. Most of those are unaccompanied minors, as current US Immigration policy allows these children to stay.

Judd added that less than a third of those who are caught are deported because of various new policies set up by the Obama Administration. For example, someone walking across our border can claim that he is being persecuted by their government, and they are allowed to stay.

Overall, Judd says there have been an estimated 700,000 illegal immigrants who came to America in 2016 through the Mexico border, who are still here.

But perhaps most disturbing are the new arrivals that have been sneaking into America this year, and in huge numbers.

Border Patrol Union boss Brandon Judd stirred controversy earlier this year by endorsing Trump
Border Patrol Union boss Brandon Judd stirred controversy earlier this year by endorsing Trump

The Border Patrol Union Chief says illegals from Afghanistan and Pakistan are skyrocking in number this year. He says it is hard to put a number on how many are arriving, because most are not honest about their origins. Afghanistan and Pakistan are two countries with strong ties to terrorism, and it is impossible to successfully vet any immigrants who arrive at our southern border with no identification and no papers. Judd told the House Oversight and Government Reform’s National Security’s Subcommittee on Tuesday that there has been a huge number of Middle Eastern migrants arriving through the Mexican border. He also said that many of the borer patrol agents under report the number of those who “got away”.

“They’re purposely leaving that number out because it would be an outrageous number,” he said. “They don’t want the American public to know everything.”

Will it take another terrorist attack before more Americans support a strong southern border? Do you support a wall between the United States and Mexico? Share your thoughts in the comments section.