U.S. Supreme Court Hands Down Shocking “Illegal Alien Ruling”


The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a shocking ruling this week, which will reward sanctuary cities and give more power to cities with large illegal immigrant populations.

The liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, writing for the court, stated that all residents, including incarcerated felons and illegal immigrants have “an important stake in policy debates” regarding issues like education, welfare, and government services. She went on to say the American government must “serve all residents, not just those eligible or registered to vote.”

The ruling is a victory for liberal cities who can now gain Congressional seats based on the count of every person in the district, even those who in the country illegally. More concerning is the fact that many census figures are based on estimates; the number of illegal immigrants in this country is thought to be anywhere from 10 million to 35 million. If a city determines that it is “likely” that an extra 500,000 illegal immigrants reside there, that can potentially earn the city a new liberal congressional seat. This could profoundly change the electoral map of the United States.

Large prisons can also benefit a host city, even though those prisoners cannot vote. For example, the Louisiana State Penitentiary, located near liberal inner-city Baton Rouge, houses nearly 6500 prisoners. Those prisoners will all be considered “residents” of that voting district.

Sanctuary cities will be rewarded handsomely. As more illegal aliens flock to these lawless communities, the resident population goes up, potentially giving the states and inner cities more congressional seats and more power. It does not matter that those residents are there illegally.

The case, Evenwel v. Abbott, was introduced by a conservative activist against the state of Texas, who argued that the process of carving out voting districts should only be based on the number of legal residents rather than all residents, including illegal immigrants and incarcerated prisoners.

Let’s hope we can elect a conservative to the White House next fall. A Clinton or Sanders administration would only nominate another liberal moon bat to the highest court of the land.