Two Moms Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE While Children at Home


When police conducted a sting on two women suspected of prostitution in Shaler Township, PA, they discovered a situation more disturbing than they could have imagined. Inside the home where the illicit activities were taking place two children.

Using the internet site Escort Babylon, Allegheny County detectives were able find Brittany Vareha, 27, and Malinda Chalmers, 41, in a western Pennsylvania home.

The advertisement on the internet site stated, “Fine female with curves that don’t quit looking to help you relieve your stress.” The ad included photos of the “fine female” referenced.

Calling the telephone number listed, an undercover detective set up a rendezvous at the address provided.

Vareha let the detective into the home and motioned to the third floor where his “date” was awaiting his visit. Chalmers told the detective that the cost of her services was $60, and advised him to make himself comfortable.

Quickly moving in, Allegheny County detectives and Shaler Township police arrested Chalmers. She told detectives that she had been prostituting the last few weeks.

Investigating the entire residence, police found a bag of heroin, pills, and assorted drug paraphernalia in Chalmers’ dresser drawer. Most disturbingly, police also discovered the woman’s 15-year-old-son in a back bedroom. He had been there the entire time.

Vareha was also arrested. She had an outstanding warrant, and police found her in a second floor bathroom containing drug paraphernalia. The police also found her four-year-old son in the living. According to the police reports, he had been living in “unsanitary” conditions.

According to Pittsburgh’s WTAE, an investigating officer reported:

“I also noted unsanitary conditions to include several bags of garbage, some open with garbage flowing from them, in the middle of the kitchen floor on top of pet food strewn across the floor. I also noted a soiled mattress in the back bedroom without sheeting. I discovered that (the 4-year-old boy) slept there last evening. There were additional hypodermic syringes, crack pipes, scheduled prescription medication, and heroin found on the third floor all accessible by the occupants of the residence. There were no doors preventing anybody access to the third floor.”

The Office of Children, Youth and Families was notified, and the four-year-old was released to his grandmother’s custody. Both women face charges of endangering the welfare of children and prohibited acts. Chalmers has also been charged with prostitution.

Allegheny County Jail

Sinking into the depraved depths of prostitution and hard drug use is bad enough, exposing one’s children to that lifestyle and living in those conditions is deplorable. Let’s hope the children get the help they will need.