TV Host Goes Rogue – DESTROYS Michelle Obama During Interview


Michelle Obama is so full of herself that she thinks she has every minority wrapped around her finger. She fancies herself to be especially popular among black people, and assumes that none of them dislike her.

That’s why it came as a nasty shock to her when one fed-up black television host just spoke out to slam her.

Television host Deneen Borelli is someone who can see right through the Obama and is sick of watching them manipulate minorities. The last straw for Borelli came right after Donald Trump won the election and Michelle sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a somber interview. Michelle acted as if Trump’s victory was the worst possible thing for the American people, lamenting, “Now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like.”


Borelli fired back to let Michelle know that many minorities feel more hope with Trump in office than they ever did during Barack Obama’s presidency.

“Michelle Obama, it looks like you’re not proud of your country. Again,” Borelli said. “You told Oprah in an interview ‘the country is now not hopeful.’ Michelle, you couldn’t be more wrong.”

“President-elect Donald Trump gives us hope. Gives hope to coal miners that they will have jobs,” she continued. “Gives hope to millions of Americans that they can dump Obamacare and choose their healthcare and their doctor.”

Borelli went on to talk about how Trump has given hope to members of the military and State Department officials trying to fight terrorism before talking about how much hope he has given police officers.

“Gives hope to law enforcement that they will have the White House behind them. Gives hope that inner city children can escape failed public schools,” she concluded. “And gives hope to school children that they can get a decent lunch at school. You see, Michelle Obama, there now is great hope because you and your husband are leaving the White House. It’s morning in America.”

Minorities turning on the Obamas is literally their worst nightmare, but that appears to be exactly what’s happening! We could not agree with Borelli more, and in the year since Trump took office, he has followed through by helping minorities in ways his predecessor never did. Today, the black unemployment rate is at a record low, and minorities everywhere are feeling a sense of hope with Trump that they have never felt before!

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