Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Ignorant Millennial Who Wanted American Flag Removed From Campus

Tucker Carlson and college student Daniel Vogul.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News had Amherst, Massachusetts, Hampshire College student Daniel Vogul on his show Monday night to discuss the decision by the school’s president, Jonathan Lash, to acquiesce to student demands to take down all US flags flown at the college. The action precipitating these events was the burning of a flag on campus the day before Veterans’ Day. Vogul was one of the strongest advocates of removing US flags from campus.

Carlson began by reading a quote from college president Lash regarding school administrators’ decision to remove the offending flags: “Getting rid of the flag will enable us to instead focus our efforts on addressing racism, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-LBGQ rhetoric and behaviors.”

When Vogul made the claim that the armed forces and police of the United States were primary instruments of oppression, Carlson asked, “If the police and the army would go away, sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive.” He continued, “You find America unfair, okay, what’s a fairer country? Can you think of a country where you’d rather go on trial for a felony?”

Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass., no longer flies the American flag.

Driving the point home, Carlson queried: “Do you have perspective on the world?”

Responding to an assertion from his guest that financially well-off students like himself were privileged to attend a school like Hampshire College, with its yearly tuition in excess of $60,000, because of exploitation and oppression of non-Whites, Carlson asked why Vogul wasn’t picking apples back home in Oregon instead of capitalizing on his ill-gotten “privilege?”

Making another point, Carlson asked his guest: “You’re for diversity, obviously, and yet I bet there’s virtually nobody on your campus who’s openly supporting Donald Trump. Do you yearn for more diversity on your campus, or are you happy in a world where everyone thinks like you?”

Vogul pondered this for a few moments, then stated Hampshire College didn’t exist for the sake of diversity of thought, but rather for like-minded people like himself to figure out how to advance the cause of “social justice.”

For diversity, but not for diversity. Ah, the wonderful hypocrisy of precious snowflakes like Daniel Vogul.