Trump SLAMS Reporter for Manipulating Facts!


Donald Trump took no prisoners in his exchange with an unidentified journalist who questioned Trump about his stance on abortion.

The reporter brought up a 1999 interview with Trump and Tim Russert, in which Trump said he was ‘very pro-choice.’ The reporter accused Trump, who has stated he is pro-life during the election, of flipping on the issue.

Trump was having none of the reporters nonsense. ‘Read the full statement,’ Trump said, insinuating that the man had left out a critical part of the interview.

The reporter took some time to look up the entire statement, which read: ‘I’m very pro-choice. I hate the concept of abortion, I hate it. I hate everything it stands for.’

Trump then asked the reporter, ‘Why didn’t you read that?!’

It’s a fair question – one the reporter couldn’t answer. When the unnamed reporter tried to blame his lack of a Wi-Fi connection, Trump called him a bad reporter and said he should work on getting some Wi-Fi.

Donald Trump has shown his strength with the press yet again! It’s so refreshing to see the President-elect stand up for his values and challenge the biased mainstream media!

Robyn Kenney is a Conservative Writer from Boston, MA. Read more from the author at