Trump Sends Evidence To House Intelligence Committee Of Obama Wiretaps


The Department of Justice was asked to deliver evidence to the House Intelligence Committee, that will support Trump’s claims that Obama wiretapped Trump and his team during the campaign.

According to the Young Conservatives, the Department of Justice made their submission to the committee on Friday. The site reports that “the House Intelligence Committee will hold an open meeting on Monday discussing Russian interference and the claims of Obama administration surveillance.”

It is not yet known what the documents contain, but if there is no hard evidence the Trump team will have to dig deeper to support their allegations.

The Hill reports that “Trump tweeted March 4 accusing Obama of having his ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign. He has stood by his claim despite lawmakers in both parties saying as of Thursday that they had not seen evidence to support his allegation.” Sean Spicer clarified the President’s claim, saying that by ‘wires tapped’ he meant ‘surveilled’ in a general sense, which could take many forms – including but not limited to – wiretapping.

WikiLeaks have proved that Obama has a love of spying on his friends and enemies, so it’s safe to say that evidence of Obama surveilling Trump will surface at some point. But Democrats are Republicans are demanding proof now, as Trump’s claim was very serious. If Obama was spying on Trump during the election, his motives must be found out and legal action needs to take place.

There will be a hearing on Monday, where the House Intelligence Committee will explore Russian ties as well as Obama’s alleged wiretapping of President Trump.