Trump Makes MAJOR Announcement About Border Wall

Trump Wall - Mexico/USA
Trump will be building a beautiful concrete wall, 2,000 miles long, between Mexico and the USA. Construction is scheduled to start in March 2017.

Had enough of illegals just waltzing into this country unabated? So has Donald Trump, and, so, true to his word, he has been heard to say that construction on the Mexican/American border wall will begin in March. Needless to say, this news is upsetting to various constituencies, including illegal immigrants, and Democrats! Oh well…

Anyhow, word on the street is that Trump’s team is working out the details of getting the wall funded by Mexico, directly or indirectly, just as promised. A few of these funding ideas include increased fees for visas and border crossing cards, enforcement of trade tariffs and taxes on remittances.

Currently there are about 650 miles of wire fencing between Mexico and the United States. However, Trump’s wall, which will stand around 35′ to 50′ high, will span 2,000 miles, and will be built out of concrete. Nice.

Cost projections of the wall come in between $8 billion and $12 billion. This might sound like a lot, but, according to Trump, it will be a “real wall” that “actually looks good.” (No surprise there, as Trump is famous for building a variety of enormous, yet beautiful, structures.)