Trump Makes Crowd Go Wild When He Did THIS At Saturday’s Rally


Donald Trump held his own rally with authentic, patriotic Americans this weekend instead of attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The crowd went wild when Trump took the podium at the rally on Saturday night in Pennsylvania. Trump said he was happy to be “100 miles away” from the “Washington Swamp” and told the crowd he would rather be at the rally.

The annual Washington Correspondents’ Dinner is known for hosting elitist, ultra-liberal Hollywood snobs, and attention-starved, leftist White House Correspondents patting each other on the back and stroking one another’s egos. Trump added that the Hollywood stars were gathered at the dinner “consoling each other,” which got a HUGE laugh from the Pennsylvania crowd.

Conservative Fighters shared videos of the speech, and noted that the President mocked the media and criticized the New York Times, MSNBC, and CNN for being untrustworthy.

The crowd was just as enthralled with Trump’s words as they were during the campaign.

The energy of the crowd was positive and supportive, although the media tried to spin the story (lie) saying the arena had empty seats in the nosebleed section, thus proving the President right that the media is biased and dishonest. Number one, who cares if there were a few empty sections in an otherwise crowded arena. Number two, stop proving to the public that you’re chomping at the bit to criticize the President. Your liberal echo chamber is getting smaller, and Americans are shutting you out.

These anti-Trump reporters need to grow up, compose themselves, and start being (even remotely) fair and professional if they want to keep their jobs. You don’t have a job if you don’t have an audience!

President Trump also spoke to the audience about the hard work going on at the White House in the first 100 days of his presidency.