Trump Just Threw Obama’s Legacy in the Trash Where It Belongs — Migrants Are FURIOUS!


BREAKING NEWS: President Donald J. Trump crushed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an unexpected landslide in 2016 to take the presidency. His platform was simple: reign in uncontrolled immigration, put American interests first, and undo everything that Obama spent eight years putting in place.

Essentially, Trump ran on making America strong again.

Trump is committed to keeping his campaign promises, which is why his new national security strategy is in direct contradiction to Obama’s policies.

From the Daily Caller:

Trump’s new national security strategy places an emphasis on stopping Islamist terrorism and calls it out by name. Obama’s 2015 national security strategy referred to Islam just twice: once because it’s part of ISIS’ name and once to say the administration rejected “the lie that America and its allies are at war with Islam.”

The new national security strategy explicitly links Islamist ideology to jihadist terrorism.

“The United States continues to wage a long war against jihadist terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. These groups are linked by a common radical Islamist ideology that encourages violence against the United States and our partners and produces misery for those under their control,” the new strategy states.

Trump’s strategy also notes, “jihadist terrorists such as ISIS and al-Qaida continue to spread a barbaric ideology that calls for the violent destruction of governments and innocents they consider to be apostates. These Islamist terrorists attempt to force those under their influence to submit to Sharia law.” A source familiar with the strategy’s drafting process described the reference to Sharia law as a “huge” inclusion by the Trump administration.

Finally we have somebody in Washington who understands the real threat that Islam poses to the United States of America! Were the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 not enough? How many more times does this country need to be seriously harmed before we wake up?

Barack Obama refused to even call the terrorists what they actually were… He used vague terms like “extremists” or “the terrorists,” all the while denying the reality of the situation.

What do you think of Trump’s national security plan?