Trump Just Put Obama To SHAME By Doing THIS For Easter

President Trump speaks to the world after strikes on an air base in Syria.

Read some writings of that giant of conservatism, Patrick Buchanan, and you will understand that the United States is still a Christian nation. Maybe not like it was 100 or 200 years ago, but still a nation based on Judeo-Christian philosophies and beliefs, with some form of Christianity being the most common religious belief.

Barack Obama famously – or infamously, depending on one’s point of view – denied that the United States was a ‘Christian nation.’ He even insisted that adherents of Islam had made important contributions to American society since the founding of the Republic! It is true that the fledgling United States Navy and Marines had their first test when they fought against the Muslim Barbary Coast pirates in the first years of the nineteenth century, but I don’t think that is what Barack Hussein Obama had in mind.

We now have a president with a very different view on Christianity and America.

President Donald Trump gave his Easter message to the country, referencing both the Jewish Passover season as well as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. President Trump said, “America is a nation of believers… this White House is fighting for you.”

Watch President Trump’s 2017 Easter Address:

What a refreshing change from Trump’s predecessor, who could not hide his contempt for Christianity or the traditional American nation, preferring to turn his Easter addresses into thinly-veiled lectures directed at believers that he clearly despised.

A great example was Obama’s 2015 Easter Prayer breakfast, in which he chided Christians for advocating “less than loving messages.”

Especially galling is the fact that this comment came in the wake of the barbaric slaughter by al-Shabab terrorists of 147 Kenyan university students, almost all of whom were Christian. In fact, the jihadists singled out Christians for death in the attack.

Watch Barack Obama’s 2015 Easter Address:

Although claiming to be a Christian, Barack Obama never provided aid to Christian minorities in Syria, Egypt, and other parts of the Muslim world when they faced persecution and even death because of their faith.

Barack Obama has also attempted to downplay the utter evil of the Islamic State, by insisting that a fair comparison is to Christian Crusaders in the holy land.

Such a comparison shows a breathtaking ignorance of history, or maybe simply an attempt to fool those who don’t know history.

Islamic jihadists attempt to cause the non-Muslim world to submit to Islam (Islam is the Arabic word for submission), and they are commanded to do so by their holy texts.

The Christian Crusades, by comparison, were an attempt to re-claim from Islam formerly Christian lands that had been conquered by the sword.

Both during his campaign for the White House and since assuming the Oval Office in January, Donald Trump has made clear that he will see to it that Christians are respected in America, and that he will protect Christians facing annihilation in the greater Middle East.

Trump’s words in his Easter address are a breath of fresh air coming from the White House after eight long years.