Trump Did What Hasn’t Been Done in Seven Years


When Barack Obama was in office he opened our borders and let in immigrants, welcoming them with promises of homes, jobs, food and medical care all at the tax payers expense. Now that Donald Trump is in charge it is all changing for the better. ICE is coming down hard on illegals and is succeeding in their endeavor to break up MS-13, one of America’s most heinous gangs.

Illegal immigrants on our southwestern border, caught by Border Patrol, has decreased by 40 percent since Trump took control.

In April, the United States Coast Guard reported that they did not intercept one, single, Cuban trying to enter the United States. Not one! This is the first time in seven years we can feel confident and safe.

The Daily Caller reported that the Coast Guard would normally catch 50-150 Cubans trying to come into the country by sea at this time of year, but that number is ZERO.


In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Coast Guard Commander Admiral Paul Zukunft said, “The number of Cubans fleeing the island nation actually increased after Obama announced in 2014 that he was restoring relations between the United States and Cuba.” The Coast Guard caught 5,496 Cubans trying to enter the country by sea, and more than 56,000 Cubans attempting other ways in 2016.

Zukunft acknowledges the decline in Cubans attempting to enter the United States was partially, if not mostly, because of Trump’s border crackdown.

President Trump has rolled up the welcome mat. We will not welcome illegal and dangerous immigrants into our country. We refuse to pay for their education, healthcare and living expenses. This is a new day.